The Quantum 2 DP electro model uses the same support surfaces and V-tail as the Quantum F3F/ F3B version. Although the fuselage is designed to be very slim, it can easily hold up to 4S Lipo.

The diameter of the cone is 30 mm which allows the use of a motor unit with a maximum diameter of 28 mm. The servos for the V-tail are mounted on a special frame, which is fixed with two M3 screws from the bottom of the fuselage and is located behind the joiner in the area of the flaps. The receiver is located under the wing joiner.

Quantum 2 Electric (F3G)


Wing Span 2960 mm
Length 1450 mm
Wing area (projected) 56.1 dm2
Tail area(projected) 5.7 dm2
Aspect Ratio 15.54
Weight Starting from 2250 gr
V-tail 100°
FAI area 61.8 dm2
Max FAI weight 4635 gr
CG 103,7 mm


White color - Sanda ModelsOrange color - Sanda ModelsYellow color - Sanda ModelsGreen color - Sanda ModelsPurple color - Sanda ModelsMint color - Sanda ModelsBlack colors - Sanda ModelsPink color - Sanda ModelsCarbon color - Sanda ModelsRed color - Sanda ModelsBlue color - Sanda Models


Carbon  C160 1390 €
Carbon C 160 + D box C160 1450 €
Double carbon C 80 1490 €
Double carbon C160 / C160 1530 €
Transport bag 50 €
Instalace IDS pro KST X 10 / X 10 Mini 140 €
Installation of servo cables 45 €

Spare parts

Fuselage 250 €
V-tail 120 €
Wing joiner 45 €
Wing On request

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Photogallery Quantum 2 Electric

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